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Cleansing the skin, an essential step

What is the best cleanser for my skin type? What types of facial cleansers does Zorah offer? You’ll find all the answers right here!

Why cleanse the skin morning and night?

Cleansing the skin morning and night is an absolutely essential step. And it’s important to wash your face with the right product for your skin type and age. 

In the morning, cleansing the skin removes the excess sebum and sweat accumulated during the night and prepares the skin for other daytime care products. At night, cleansing is needed to eliminate makeup, sunscreen and other debris that congests the skin.

Cleansing will help you prevent blocked pores, which can turn into pimples, blackheads and other imperfections.

How do I choose the best cleanser for my skin type?

To choose the right cleanser, in the most suitable texture, consider what your skin needs.

  • Kaïla cleansing gel is suitable for normal, combination and oily skin. It’s an excellent cleanser and makeup remover that gently gets deep into the skin yet protects the hydration barrier. For use with all skin types, Kaïla is also good for sensitive or acne-prone skin.
  • Nita cleansing foam is suitable for normal to dry skin. This luscious foam is light and pleasant. With burdock and lemon balm, it absorbs oils and impurities, soothes the skin and restores its natural glow.
  • Ipsa cleansing milk is good for dry to very dry skin. And excellent makeup remover for all skin types and an ideal cleanser for sensitive, dry and dehydrated skin. Ipsa cleans, purifies and hydrates gently, leaving your skin fresh and glowing. Ipsa is the best ally for dry, sensitive skin!

Is toning really necessary?

Dzhari, a tonic lotion with antioxidant-rich argan, gives the skin an added dose of hydration, reinforcing the skin’s natural protective layer. Good for all skin types, Dzhari tightens pores and tones the skin. Use throughout the day without reserve!