Going Green Doesn't Cost Much, and It's Worth It!

Going Green Doesn't Cost Much, and It's Worth It!

Zorah takes care of both skin and the planet, concretely

At Zorah Biocosmetics, we believe in a holistic approach to well-being that encompasses both skin health and the well-being of our environment. Founded nearly two decades ago by Melissa Harvey, Zorah has been committed from the start to meeting the specific needs of the skin while preserving the beauty of the planet we call home.

The Challenge: Reducing our Carbon Footprint

Anyck Wilford, our Vice President of Sales, identified the challenge related to the travel of our representatives to our Canadian retail locations. Periodic trips for training and demonstrations, as well as commuting to work, contributed to a significant carbon footprint.

Our Solution: Smart Optimization

To address this challenge, our team developed a revolutionary in-house software system called GIZ (Zorah Internal Management). This software uses geolocation to optimize routes, thus reducing vehicle emissions. Since its launch in 2021, GIZ has led to a spectacular reduction of 30 to 50% in travel time and costs. 

Promoting Sustainable Mobility

Aware of the positive impact of sustainable mobility, we implemented an incentive program to encourage our headquarters staff to adopt low-carbon transport modes. Facilities such as showers for cyclists and a 50% reimbursement of the monthly transportation pass have contributed to promoting an environmentally friendly lifestyle. 

A Glimpse of Our Results

By implementing these initiatives, Zorah Biocosmetics has not only reduced its environmental impact but also increased operational efficiency. Our representatives cover more stores with less fuel expenses, demonstrating our commitment to a greener planet and a more profitable business. 

Managing our Production and Distribution Chain Sustainably

Melissa Harvey had another challenge in mind: reducing the footprint of her production and distribution chain. As holders of the Ecocert certification, we sought solutions to ensure that even our packaging adheres to strict environmental standards.

The Ecological Solution: Local Suppliers and Sustainable Materials

Close collaboration with our local printers has been a crucial step. Certified by the Forest Steward Council (FSC), our displays and cardboard boxes are sourced 90% from Canada, promoting responsible forest management. We have also prioritized the use of recyclable materials, with cardboard packaging containing 70% recycled fibers.

Concrete Results

These efforts translate into tangible results. We saved 2 tons of packaging, and our collaboration with the FSC led to the planting of 210,000 trees, contributing to forest preservation and preventing deforestation.  

Flexibility and Resilience of the Supply Chain

Working with local suppliers has strengthened our supply chain, saving time and increasing operational flexibility. This approach has not only reinforced our commitment to the local economy but also had a positive impact on our environment.

Roadmap for a Sustainable Future

Since its inception in 2006, Zorah Biocosmetics has mapped out an impressive roadmap. From humble beginnings supported by personal savings to Ecocert certification in 2009, the expansion of its product range in 2013, and the optimization of travel with GIZ in 2021, each step reflects the company's commitment to sustainability. 

Call to the Future: Zero Waste

As we celebrate our achievements, we are already looking ahead. Our next goal is to develop a range of zero-waste products soon. Our R&D is exploring waterless formulas to minimize environmental impact, proving that innovation and sustainability go hand in hand.

Final Thoughts

Melissa Harvey shares advice for entrepreneurs: be an expert in your business, embrace multitasking, and find the balance between profitability and environmental practices. She also emphasizes that "going green doesn't cost much, and it's worth it."

Zorah's Sustainable Commitment

At Zorah Biocosmetics, the journey towards responsible and sustainable beauty is just beginning. Every initiative, and every challenge overcome, strengthens the company's commitment to the planet we share. As consumers and entrepreneurs, let's join this adventure towards a greener and brighter future with Zorah Biocosmetics. 🌿💚