About Mélissa Harvey - Zorah biocosmétiques

About Mélissa Harvey

Curious to know what prompted her to launch Zorah Biocosmétique? Here are ten questions we asked our founder Mélissa, to get to know her better. 

1. What made you decide to launch Zorah Biocosmétique?

Mélissa: My initial vision was to help Berber women start a business by importing their excellent argan oil. We had a shared project to create a fair trade business to help women become empowered and educated.

I am convinced that we will make the world of tomorrow a better place by educating more and more women. Educating women is investing in our future.

2. How were the Natural virtues of Argan oil introduced to you?

MélissaDuring my internship at Oxfam, I had the chance to work directly with the cooperatives, and I discovered this unique and scarce oil in the world.
This oil is known for its antioxidant, moisturizing, and healing properties. It is also ten times better than olive oil because it is filled with large quantities of omega 6 and 9 and vitamin E. 

This centuries-old oil is used in Morocco for its therapeutic effects, such as treating eczema, and rosacea, healing, or simply nourishing the epidermis and regulating the sebaceous glands' vital functions.

3. What is your relationship with Morocco and the Berber women you work with so closely?

MélissaFor 20 years now, I have had a loving relationship with these women, and I promise to visit them at least once a year. Moreover, I actively continue to buy directly from cooperatives.

Giving back is a corporate social responsibility. We are very grateful to this country and love giving back to the Berber community, which is essential to us. Over the past 20 years, Zorah has distributed many school items and other funds for this community.

4. What do you think is your best quality as an individual?

Mélissa: I am an incredibly generous, benevolent, and devoted person toward others. I love people. ❤️ 

5. Can you please explain the importance of being a biocosmetic brand?

Mélissa: For me, offering organic cosmetics means taking care of people's and the environment's health. Protecting nature is protecting life! Zorah also provides the best products on the market that respect these values.

Since childhood, I have wanted to change the world towards a greener and more human development. Now, I change it one pot at a time.

6. What advice would you give to young female entrepreneurs?

Mélissa: Show passion, have confidence in yourself, have ambition, and determination, get to know yourself, and above all, dare. 

A passionate person will always have the desire to make decisions with firmness, the will to move things forward, and to bring them to an end by overcoming all the obstacles and the many challenges of entrepreneurship.

7. In your opinion, what is the key to your brand's longevity and success?

Mélissa: The trust, loyalty, and fidelity of our distinguished clientele are the main factors of our success. In addition, thanks to our products' efficiency and constantly evolving creative side, Zorah is moving towards zero waste.

8. What are your three favorite Zorah products that you use daily?

Mélissa: My top 3 products are Lifting, C-nature, and Ora. This trio that I like to call my bio morning magic. I have been using this beauty routine every morning since the very beginning. 

9. What does the name Zorah mean or represent?

Mélissa: Zorah means Goddess, wildflower, and shine and represents a small fox in several dialects. When I was in Morocco, Berber women called me Zorah. This name is simple, straightforward, catchy, and easy to remember internationally. Moreover, this is my wink in honor of this beautiful country and the women I love.

10. What are Zorah's plans for the coming years?

Mélissa: Zorah is currently expanding geographically. Our objectives are to conquer two countries per year and become the world leader with our high-end and fair-trade organic cosmetic products.