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Reduce the appearance of stubborn spots and wrinkles, in addition to refining your skin's texture, rely on this 2-step nightly beauty routine.

When it comes to anti-aging skin care, it's important to choose products and ingredients that are healthy for people and the environment, and most importantly, suitable for your skin type.

Formulated with high-performance ingredients from the four corners of the world and combining powerful natural anti-aging ingredients, this duo represents the ultimate combination of long-lasting anti-aging care for sensitive skin that targets deep wrinkles and reduces pigmentation spots quickly.



A specialized nighttime routine for sensitive skin that is highly effective!

Recommended by many skin care specialists around the world, phyto retinol is the most sought-after ingredient on the market today. It is the only active ingredient designed to meet the needs of ultra-sensitive skin and is without a doubt the most effective active ingredient on the market today. Phyto retinol is suitable for all skin types and even pregnant women. The Zorah brand is proud to start the year with a bang by unveiling its new BIORETINOL night care line, formulated with 100% technology developed in their Montreal laboratory. The phyto retinol in the BIORETINOL line helps reduce the appearance of deep, stubborn wrinkles, in addition to refining skin texture and eliminating stubborn pigment spots. Enriched with 0.1% of pure phytoretinol, packed with nutrients, vitamins and minerals essential to skin, peptides, tetra peptides and hyaluronic acid, this duo offers an intense anti-aging action, and fast results.

Thanks to this powerful combination of ingredients, 84% of women who participated in an internal study demonstrated a reduction in wrinkles and pigment spots in less than 5 weeks. Used on a regular basis, this duo reduces forehead wrinkles by 36%, under-eye wrinkles by 34%, and pigment spots by 53%.


Phyto retinol: a rare and highly effective ingredient

Did you know that phyto retinol is one of the most sought after and expensive dermatological ingredients on the market, it is often prescribed because of its anti-wrinkle properties, designed for sensitive skin, and especially excellent for pregnant women?


An ultra-efficient nighttime routine

Zorah recommends the following protocol:

The first month

Make sure to exfoliate your skin 2-3 times a week. You can use our nourishing facial scrub, designed for sensitive skin. Then apply BIORETINOL Night Complex and BIORETINOL Night Cream 4 nights a week, Monday through Thursday and take a break on the weekends.

The second month

Be sure to exfoliate your skin 1-2 times a week with our Xfoliambre. Then apply BIORETINOL Night Complex and BIORETINOL Night Cream 3 nights a week, Monday through Wednesday and take Thursday through Sunday off. 



To maximize the effects of the duo, complete your beauty routine by applying the Sitala Day Cream for normal to combination skin or the Revolution Cream for mature skin.




These anti-aging moisturizers correct signs of aging such as wrinkles, dull skin, uneven tone and loss of firmness, redness and tone with a combination of hyaluronic acid, peptides, vitamin A and omega 3,6,9 and vitamin E essential to maintaining skin health.

Zorah, the leader in high-end skincare for over 20 years, and winner of the Clean Beauty Award, best anti-aging skincare in North America, is proud to be the forerunner in 100% natural innovation.

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