A Foundation Making a Difference

A Foundation Making a Difference

Education and Empowerment of Women

For us, education has been a core value since the early days of Zorah. Every action we take to advance women's education and empower them is at the heart of our mission.


At Zorah, we believe in the importance of giving back. That's why we've established the Zorah Foundation for Women's Education. In this initiative, 1% of our argan oil sales will directly contribute to the Zorah Foundation.


By choosing Zorah, you not only opt for organic and effective skincare products locally crafted in Montreal, but you also contribute to the empowerment of women, especially those in the cooperatives providing us with argan oil. This Foundation assists them in transforming their lives, prospering, pursuing education, realizing dreams, and contributing to a better world.


Because every child has the right to grow, learn, and dream. Our Foundation is committed to providing quality education at the heart of the cooperatives of Berber women producing argan oil in Morocco. We believe in their potential and future. By sowing the seeds of knowledge, we cultivate endless opportunities and inspire the next generation of builders for tomorrow.


Join us in our mission to change lives because every educated child or woman is a promise of transformation and hope for a better future.


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1.    Buying Books and Establishing Libraries

Provide access to knowledge, sparking curiosity and imagination in young minds.


2.    Providing Specialized and Tailored Training

Facilitate the acquisition of practical skills, opening doors to professional opportunities.


3.    Supporting Women's Advancement

Encourage continuous professional development, strengthening confidence and independence.


4.    Promoting Ongoing Education for Young Women

Foster academic persistence, ensuring a more promising future for future generations.


5.    Creating New Jobs and Supporting Salaries

Contribute to the economic well-being of communities, fostering sustainable growth.


6.    Covering Healthcare Costs

Ensure access to essential medical care, guaranteeing health and well-being.


7.    Promoting French Language Learning

Open additional doors by facilitating communication and access to new opportunities.


8.    Aiding Widowed Women and Their Children

Provide crucial support to vulnerable families, ensuring a safety net in difficult times.



By contributing to the Zorah Foundation, you actively participate in creating a lasting impact. Every action counts, and together, we can create waves of change that touch the lives of countless women, lifting entire communities toward a brighter future.